Banking Headquarters

This tenant fit-out project, for one of the nation’s largest banks, features Hufcor’s Summit Vertical Lift system to create an interactive, flexible conference room environment at their corporate banking headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Case Study Details

Case Study Name

National corporate banking headquarters


San Francisco, CA, USA

Design/Build Partner

Brereton Architects, Hathaway Dinwiddie

Products Used

Summit® Vertical Lift


In planning the design of their new corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, a prestigious bank was looking to maximize the flexibility of their conference room space. Aligned in a single row along an exterior wall lined with windows to provide optimal daylighting, the meeting rooms needed to function independently for smaller meetings, yet be able to be opened up to accommodate larger meetings around a single full-length conference table.

The rooms’ positioning in the office—along an exterior wall on one side and a main hallway on the other—as well as its long and narrow configuration created additional challenges for Hufcor related to design, space and storage.


Based on project complexity, ease of installation, overall costs, and lead-time delivery, Hufcor recommended their Summit® Vertical Lift system to the project’s contractor, Hathaway Dinwiddie.

The Summit® Vertical Lift partitions stack above the ceiling through a narrow slot—eliminating the need for a large ceiling stack bay required for the traditional vertical accordion folding style of lift systems that expose the partition within the ceiling when stacked. Additionally, the system’s guideposts create an acoustical barrier and provide a patented lifting and safety system that meets the stringent seismic requirements of San Francisco without any special bracing.

In considering this solution, the building’s owner raised the concern of the walls accidently being closed upon a full-length table if someone had forgotten to remove the table portion underneath the partition system. They wanted the assurance that the partition could automatically reverse and not harm the table. To resolve, Hufcor installed their auto-reverse lead edge system programmed to automatically retract the panels if a table or other object was sensed in its path.

Working closely with Brereton Architects and Hathaway Dinwiddie, Hufcor worked with the project team to design a simple buildout that allows the system’s guides to be recessed and integrate into the overall room design. From order to installation, Hufcor’s northern California distributor, BT Mancini, was able to finish the project in less than 8 weeks.


Since installing the system and moving into their new corporate offices, the bank has been able to better utilize their space. The Summit® Vertical Lift system enables the banks employees and leadership to get more out of their conference rooms by adapting and the space to suit their varying meeting needs.

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