Baylor Club at McLane Stadium

Completed in August of 2014, the McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas serves as the new home for Baylor's prestigious football program. Featuring 39 suite boxes and an enormous video board, the stadium is also home to the Baylor Club where Hufcor installed their 645V Summit vertical lift partition to create flexible space division for events and banquets.

Case Study Details

Case Study Name

Baylor Club at McLane Stadium


Waco, Texas, USA

Products Used

Summit Vertical Lift


The Baylor Club, located within McLane Stadium on Baylor University’s campus, provides a venue for present and emerging Baylor leaders to build camaraderie and strengthen the Waco community in the great tradition of Baylor University. As one of the only private clubs in the country located on a college campus, the club offers a grand ballroom, separate dining and bar areas, and a walkout mezzanine overlooking the stadium. The walkout area offers a great opportunity for members to experience the Baylor Club and enjoy game day during football season.

Hufcor was challenged in providing a flexible solution that would allow the space to be divided for private events and banquets. Not wanting to sacrifice floor space or compromise the upscale, modern design of the space, the Baylor Club needed a space solution that was both aesthetically pleasing and space saving.


To fulfill these objectives, Hufcor installed three of its Summit vertical lift partitions to separate their dining area from the ballroom. The partitions enable the Baylor Club to effectively divide their space so large corporate meetings, receptions and other events may take place in the ballroom while the dining area can remain open to club members. Summit’s space-saving vertical design results in zero loss in terms of floor space and square footage. The three Summit partitions stack neatly into a narrow slot in the ceiling, allowing the ballroom to open up into the bar and dining areas.

The partitions also feature an LG architectural fusion finish. This creates the look and even the texture of real wood, while offering the durability of a laminate.


Hufcor’s Summit vertical lift partitions successfully fulfilled the objectives of the case study. Today, Baylor uses Hufcor’s Summit vertical lift partition to add flexibility to their restaurant and ballroom space at McLane Stadium. Summit’s sleek, modern design and space-saving vertical storage system provide the club with the flexibility the space requires without compromising design, flow or square footage.

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