Brunswick Bowling Center

Working closely with the facility to retrofit a number of their accordion walls, Hufcor provided an affordable, easy-to-use flexible space solution for this facility, which hosts bowling league gatherings, birthday parties and corporate meetings.

Case Study Details

Case Study Name

Brunswick Bowling Center


Glendale, Arizona, USA

Products Used

Accordion Doors


Hosting events ranging from corporate conferences to birthday parties, the Brunswick Bowling Center in Glendale, Arizona relies upon their meeting space to drive their business beyond bowling. Wanting to maximize the available space to accommodate multiple groups simultaneously, the facility sought a flexible space solution that was not only effective at blocking sound from adjoining spaces, but easy to set-up and affordable.


In considering the goals and budget of the project, Hufcor recommended their 4100 Series accordion doors for Brunswick’s active party rooms. For storage, the designers incorporated a stacking closet for the doors that runs perpendicular to the space so they stack out-of-sight when not extended across the room. The use of both curved tracks and overhead switches in the track allow the facility to easily make wall-to-wall separations that help create the solid acoustical separation and privacy needed between group function areas.

Since the accordion partitions are approximately 12’ tall, Hufcor advised Brunswick to install pendant pulls on the lead edge of the door to facilitate easy operation. These convenient handles help to pull the accordion door across the opening by applying force higher up onto the leading edge. The doors are finished with standard Hufcor vinyl that allow the staff to easily clean the surfaces after each event.


After the installation was complete, the accordion doors have proven successful in helping this vibrant bowling center create flexible party and meeting rooms that can accommodate groups of different sizes simultaneously with ease and efficiency.

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