Ditka's Restaurant

Ditka’s, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, is one of the city’s landmark restaurants. Named for the NFL hall of famer and legendary Chicago Bears player and coach, the restaurant is known for it fine food and signature steaks and chops. Hufcor worked with the project team to create flexible private dining spaces within the restaurant using its timber-framed glass wall product.

Case Study Details

Case Study Name

Ditka's Restaurant


Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, USA

Products Used

Hufcor 600 Series, Timber-framed Movable Glass Walls


Ditka’s Oakbrook Terrace location is a destination for dining parties of all sizes and occasions. Spread across two floors, the restaurant’s unique layout is a natural fit for creating multiple dining spaces to cater to private events and gatherings.

Ditka’s needed a flexible solution that would allow them to transform their space to accommodate parties of different sizes and coordinate with the steakhouse’s rich wood and leather décor.


Using Hufcor’s timber-framed movable glass walls, the project team designed four private party rooms at the signature restaurant. Each space offers customers four extremely unique private dining areas all divided by either Hufcor operable partitions with custom printed vinyl or GT1 series timber-framed movable glass walls. The end result is a floor plan and interior design that offers not only an intimate, fine dining environment, but unparalleled flexibility to shape the dining experience to individual party needs.

The Hufcor timber-framed movable glass walls use wood paneling that coordinate with the surrounding millwork and contain specially frosted glass with the Ditka signature caricature etching. The wood-framed panels separate the main restaurant from the main seating areas and inset pass doors allow patrons and servers to easily access the rooms. When not used for a private event, the doors are simply stacked into a storage closet and the room is used as standard seating.

The timber-framed panels are supported and operate on Hufcor’s time-tested aluminum tracking system and are secured in the opening with side mounted floor pins without the need for any floor tracks. This helps to reduce tripping hazards and lower ongoing maintenance issues associated with floor tracks.


Since installing the system, Ditka’s has been able to better accommodate small gatherings and private parties of different sizes. Through Hufcor’s timber-framed glass walls, Ditka’s has been able to realize new opportunities and reshape the way they serve customers in their space while enhancing the overall customer experience.

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