Ice Box Bakery

Ice Box Bakery is just one of many retailers and concessionaires at DFW Airport that have benefitted from the beauty, ease of use and certain security of Hufcor frameless glass walls.

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Ice Box Bakery


Dallas, Texas, USA

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Regency Construction

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Frameless Glass Walls


Retailers in airports and shopping centers nationwide have used traditional metal gates to secure their storefronts afterhours for many years. While the gates serve their purpose, they’re often easily damaged—creating issues for store owners and operators when it comes time to open or close their store. Additionally, traditional metal gates are not only eyesores, but their “cage-like” appearance deters potential customers from window-shopping after hours. In airports where travelers are passing through 24 hours a day, having a visually appealing and inviting storefront is a critical component to sales and growth.


Icebox Bakery at DFW Airport along with several other retailers and concessionaires have realized new ways to shape the shopping experience through the use of Hufcor frameless glass doors. Functioning as a perfect closure for their storefronts, Hufcor sliding glass wall panels provide security and unobstructed views of scrumptious baked goods and merchandise during off-store hours. These systems ensure reliable security and allow travelers within the airport to view merchandise and concessions while busily walking through the terminal.

The Hufcor movable glass wall system for Icebox Bakery has a unique stacking configuration and a custom designed small pocket door incorporated into the countertop wall. When stacked, the custom pocket door can be closed to secure the panels within the pocket. The system’s full ceiling height slot allows the panels to move with ease into the stacked storage area. Icebox staff and bakers can access the stack area within the store bakery and simply push and pull the panels into their closed or open position as needed.

Since the panels are supported overhead, Hufcor glass walls do not require floor tracks. Rather, each panel is secured with a floor pin into a floor receptor and adjoining panels are then secured to each other using a number of additional locking mechanisms.


Today, Ice Box Bakery is able to reap the many benefits of Hufcor’s frameless glass walls. The walls not only give their storefront an instant facelift—creating an inviting and appealing presence in the airport terminal—but also provide constant certainty that their business is safe and secure afterhours.

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