Indian River State College

Indian River State College, located in Fort Pierce, Florida, is one of the premier law enforcement training facilities in the country. Its Treasure Coast Public Training Complex is a state-of-the-art facility used to help law enforcement trainees learn active shooter and force-on-force techniques in a reconfigurable environment using Hufcor’s FlexTact product.

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Indian River State College - Treasure Coast Public Training Complex


Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

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Florida Architects, Inc
HJ High Construction

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As one of the premier law enforcement training facilities in the country, the Treasure Coast Public Training Complex at Indian River State College (IRSC) wanted to enhance the learning experience of their students to better prepare them for their careers in law enforcement and public safety. In law enforcement, public safety officers face many different challenges and dangerous situations that are often unpredictable. IRSC sought a solution that would allow for them to reconfigure their training facility on a regular basis to offer their students a plethora of different training configurations and scenarios.


Working with Hufcor as their flexible space partner, Treasure Coast Public Training Complex at Indian River State College installed one of the first FlexTact® systems within the U.S. The system at IRSC used Hufcor’s FlexTact® system to transform their public safety training center into a two-story reconfigurable building where force-on-force and active shooter trainings can be conducted with continually changing set-ups and scenarios.

The IRSC system has more than 100 panels and a dozen pass doors. Panels are installed on an overhead, grid-patterned track system to maximize the number of room configurations. All of the panels are set in place using bottom gas compression seals that secure the panels in place without the need for floor tracks or foot bolts. This feature eliminates tripping hazards and increases overall safety. Meanwhile the pass doors serve a critical purpose in teaching different room clearing and search & rescue techniques.


With the new FlexTact® system, the facility can now reconfigure the entire space within 20 – 30 minutes—allowing a group of trainees to work with instructors within one layout then reset the building to reflect a different configuration. No longer limited to a single training set-up, instructors at IRSC can set up simulated room layouts that replicate different building floor plans such as hotels, private homes, school classrooms and office spaces. The FlexTact® system has truly reshaped the way students at IRSC  learn—better preparing them for their careers in law enforcement and public safety.

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