Hufcor® is the world’s leading brand of folding partitions and folding walls all designed to quickly and efficiently divide commercial spaces.

Hufcor® is the world’s leading brand of folding partitions and folding walls all designed to quickly and efficiently divide commercial spaces. Hufcor operable partitions are designed to fold away and store in parking bays when not in use. The folding partitions are suspended from a variety of different overhead tracking systems and, once in place, have mechanical top and bottom pressure seals that extend to stabilize the panels and stop sound from travel around the folding partition wall.

Photo example of paired operable wall folding panels designed to be a divider for a conference room

Type of Folding Walls

Paired or Omni Directional Wall Panels: These are wall panel systems designed to create flat walls when set up. The wall can consist of single panels or paired (groups of two or three as shown above). These are the most common type of folding walls sold throughout the world in hotels, convention centers, schools, religious facilities, hospitals and commercial office spaces. The panels are equipped with Hufcor’s unique top and bottom “Quik-Set” seals that extend and retract to seal the panels into place and stop sound from leaking around the panels.

Manual and electrical train panel folding wall inside a school gymnasium

Manual or Electric Train Panels: Some openings can be filled with a series of folding wall panels that are all continuously hinged together so when extended the panels create a wall. These can either be set up manually or electrically operated. Manual trains can often become too heavy to operate efficiently when designed into larger openings, since the operator must pull all of the weight of the panels across a room at the same time. As such, the better option is to provide electric trains that will automatically extend and retract the folding walls at the push of a button. The gymnasium shown above is an example of an electric folding wall. The walls incorporate different safety devices to ensure safe, attended operation during movement of the electric partition.

Accordion doors or concertina doors example of inexpensive walls to quickly and efficiently separate a room

Accordion Doors or Concertina Doors: These folding walls are inexpensive moveable walls that can quickly and efficiently separate a room. However, the wall does not fold flat when the accordion door is extended, hence the name “accordion”. These folding walls cannot achieve the same acoustical performance as flat wall operable partitions, but are less expensive and effective at quickly dividing a room.

Retractable partition walls automatically stack vertically above the ceiling by push of a button

Retractable Partition Walls: These systems are similar to both single panel partitions, but automatically stack vertically above the ceiling.  A simple push of a button and these wall systems retract up into the ceiling without the need for either ceiling or floor storage pockets. The video below demonstrates how the single panel vertically stacking partitions operate differently that the accordion style vertical folding systems.

Hufcor can also provide most of the above styles of partitions using moveable glass walls in single, paired and manual trains. The glass folding partitions are available using:

  • Frameless (top and bottom aluminum styles)
  • Timber framed (framed, solid wood styles)
  • Acoustical (aluminum framed with performance up to 44 STC)


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