Hufcor operable partitions with window inserts that are LEED daylighting and acoustically rated


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Can Hufcor glass partition walls solve a long problem for interior designers? If designers are looking for ways to achieve LEED IEQ 8.2 daylighting requirements, the answer is clearly, YES!

Can Hufcor glass partition walls solve a long problem for interior designers? If designers are looking for ways to achieve LEED IEQ 8.2 daylighting requirements, the answer is clearly, YES! Ensuring that 75% of the total usable space within a commercial building is exposed to natural light can be a tough task, especially when flexible meeting spaces are required as well. Traditional operable partitions are designed to create privacy, designed only to stop sound allowing virtually no light to enter room interiors. And frameless movable glass partitions with top and bottom rails are not acoustically rated because of the gaps between each panel that allow sound to enter the rooms.

Glass partition wall system perfect for office interior designers that's LEED certified and acoustically rated - Hufcor

Now, designers have an option that should brighten their day; Hufcor’s acoustical glass wall system. The Hufcor acoustic glass wall partitions are acoustically rated to stop sound up to 44 STC and allow light to enter rooms using the unique dividers. Light and acoustical privacy all-in-one. A perfect option to meet LEED IEQ 8.2 requirements. And, with the frames fabricated from aluminum and glass as the base materials, the systems also will contribute to LEED MR 4.1 as well.

Hufcor now offers manual, magnetically operated mini-blinds embedded within the glass units. The “between the glass” blinds are maintenance free and open and close with a simple turn of a removable, magnetic operator.

Hufcor acoustic glass wall systems feature the only movable glass wall with an expandable lever closure panel that is installed with glass. Hufcor also provides a full-height pass door for convenient egress and access to the rooms using the movable glass partitions. Oh, and the door is full height glass.

Hufcor acoustic glass wall partitions come standard with manually operated bottom mechanical seals. When extended, these seals provide optimal pressure to stabilize the panels and maintain maximum acoustics. The seals design also compensate for building movements to ensure a proper acoustic seal. The mechanical quick-set seals are far less expensive than “automatic” electric, multi-rotating seals. These seals may claim to be a comfort to use, but additional electricity and maintenance can become very uncomfortable over time.

Hufcor acoustical glass panel partitions should become your choice for acoustically rated flexible walls for interior office spaces.

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