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Operable Partition Fire Rated Corridor

Fire Rated Operable Partitions - One Hour Fire Rated

Paired and individual panels are available as a one-hour fire rated partition. The product was tested at the U.L. testing laboratories and has achieved special purpose fire door and frame assembly certification.


Similar to the standard 600 series panels, Firewall models have retractable top and bottom seals, quick set seal operation, waist high seal activator, heavy duty steel frame and steel faces. They also have a 51 or 54 Sound Transmission Class rating.


The faces may be finished with Hufcor standard vinyl, carpet, or fabric. The panels may also be furnished with customer selected material. However, it is imperative that any non-Hufcor standard materials be reviewed to ensure they meet UL requirements.

Firewall also offers a variety of options and features that were tested and achieved U.L. Classification. No manufacturer can offer similar options or features unless they were U.L. tested as part of an operable wall or door unit.

Hufcor Firewall Options or Features

  • Pass thru doors
  • Push to open hardware
  • Partition intersections
  • Pocket Doors
  • Inset markerboards
  • Inset chair rail pans


Fire Rated Corridor

The use of fire-rated operable partitions is based on local egress code. Always check with local code officials on whether actual one-hour fire rating is required or if simply pass doors with panic hardware is required on an operable partition. Codes have changed over time reducing the number of actual fire-rated operable partitions required for standard wall-to-wall room division. However, when creating egress corridors as shown, your local code will dictate whether these are more apt to be fire rated.