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It only takes the press of a button, to bring the outdoors in with Hufcor's automated Hydrau-Lift™ bifold automated doors. With this easy-to-operate system, you can quickly open your restaurant, hotel, bar patio, pool area, create sky boxes, or just have a large, clear opening when needed. When in the up position, the folded door extends over the opening forming a small awning.

The bi-fold door is made from a structural steel tube frame that is primed with a rust-resistant red oxide paint and is ready for field finishing. Custom factory finishing is available for an upcharge, but not recommended due to the delicate handling required during installation. The door can be covered in a wide variety of surfaces to match or coordinate with the building, including glass. If the door will be used in a corrosive environment (such as ocean fronts, indoor swimming pools, etc), the door can be ordered with a stainless steel tube frame.

The patented SST-II hydraulic lift system enables the door to be quickly opened and closed. The HydrauLift doors operate without unsightly cables or straps across the inside of the door. The hydraulic lift mechanism is mounted at the edges of the upper door section for smooth, fast operation and its compact motor unit may be placed wherever space is available for easy access. No additional "kick out" mechanisms are needed to fold the doors often found on cable driven systems. The customized hydraulic cylinders pull the door tight in the opening and compress the weather seals both around the perimeter and between the sections creating the only ASTM tested commercial bi fold doors on the market.

The standard maximum opening size is widths to 24' [7315] and heights to 20' [6096] are available; the minimum standard opening is 8' x 8' [2438 x 2438]. Custom sizes for countertops and larger openings are available. The maximum door sizes are determined by calculations of width, height and weight of cladding. Contact your Hufcor Distributor for assistance if your opening size exceeds these standard parameters.

Exterior Cladding

Hufcor, Inc. does not factory apply the exterior cladding system. Since many of the Hydrau-Lift doors are installed in buildings using other curtainwall or storefront systems, Hufcor's distributors can arrange to match these systems from a variety of name-brand suppliers. Hufcor also has subcontracted glazing installation crews that can design and efficiently install a storefront system that meets the stringent requirements of the local project. Whether Hufcor coordinates or a local subcontractor supplies, your local Hufcor distributor can project manage your project under the supervision of trained installers.

Glazing Options

Hufcor's Hydrau-Lift bifold door systems have been cladded with many different glazing options. Most often, designers will select a standard 1" [25] insulated glass unit for standard thermal properties. Single 1/4" [6] and different polycarbonate inserts have been used. Some designers have preferred to install a glazing system within the bifold frame to reduce the overall thickness of face-applied storefronts. To see how one customer selected to glaze, watch the video at the right.


The Hufcor Hydrau-Lift Bi-Fold door is sold, installed, and serviced by factory-trained, authorized distributors in the United States and by Licensees and Distributors outside the U.S.A. Your Hufcor Distributor also provides free design and layout assistance, if needed. Click on "Find Your Distributor" for the name of your local representative.


The Hydrau-Lift frame, hydraulic drive mechanisms and controls are guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship from date of shipment to the job site. All factory coordinated Aluminum Storefront Cladding systems shall be guaranteed for one year against defects in material from date of shipment or carry the material warranty of the manufacturer, whichever is longer. Field cladding and glass by others is not covered in this warranty.


Mechanical Locking System

Add safety to your Hydrau-Lift system with an electric lock that is located at the seem between the bifold doors and automatically locks the doors when closed. This added feature also provides additional protection against negative wind loads offering mechanical assistance to the hydraulic cylinders that apply pressure to hold the door tightly closed. Limit switches open the locks when opening the door, all programmed within the control unit. 

Photo Eyes

The HydrauLift bifold door is operated with a spring-loaded key switch. In some installations, owners may select to install an infrared photo eye to automatically stop the downward movement of the door if an object or person were to cross under the system during operation.

Remote Control

Hufcor bifold doors can be installed with a remote receiver and transmitters to operate with a central controller. Photo eyes are required when using a remote controller. 

Battery Backup Unit

HydrauLift bifold doors operate using electric hydraulic pumps. The drive units have manual release valves that allow the doors to be lowered manually if power is lost to the unit. In cases where the doors must be operated and closed tightly in the event of a power failure, the system can be offered with 24V DC battery backup units. The back up units provide a level of security in closing the doors tightly and operating any optional locks and safety equipment.



Product Brochure

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Hydrau-Lift Bifold Door

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