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The new HUFCOR GA-ULTRA movable glass wall system is designed to provide a higher acoustical performance and operational efficiency than our standard GA system. The GA-ULTRA is specially designed for the rigors of everyday use within convention center, hospitality, office and educational facilities. The system incorporates Hufcor's time-tested 600 Series welded steel frame system, allowing the ability to insert heavy-duty insulated glass units to achieve optimal acoustic performance. This allows designers to specify a movable wall system to divide spaces, offer great sound control and yet allow natural light to enter interior spaces.

Acoustical Performance: 45 & 46 STC

Click on the download links at the bottom of this page to see for yourself. When you submit your information, Hufcor will send you an official acoustic test report along with a complimentary set of dynamic BIM Revit files to incorporate into your model.

Sealed, Dual Laminated Insulated Glass (IG) Units

Since the IG units are sealed, facility managers don't have to worry about dirt and debris infiltrating the interior surfaces of the glass. As such, the GA-ULTRA is the best option for facility managers looking for easy-to-clean, long-term maintenance.  The new dual laminated sealed IG units provide durability and an interior air space thickness for optimal acoustic performance.  The GA-ULTRA dual laminated panes utilize a safety glass that maintains its integrity even if cracked or broken.

New low-profile 2" Bottom Mechanical Seal

Hufcor offers a new, low profile mechanical seal for both omni-directional and paired panel systems. The low profile panel bottom seals, when activated, hold the panels firm against the floor maintaining the acoustic integrity. The low profile seal has ample downward seal force to stabilize the panels when set and compensates for ongoing building deflection and movements. 

New Waist-High Seal Activation

Hufcor has designed a new waist-high activation. The GA-ULTRA now has the same quick-set waist-high seal activation as used on all Hufcor operable partitions. No multiple cranks or bending down to activate the seals. Simply move the panel(s) into place and activate the seal.

LEED v.4/ANSI S60.12 Standards

GA-ULTRA meets the stringent standards set forth for STC ratings required for wall partitions within schools. These Acoustical Society of America (ASA) standards result in the best "intelligibly scores" within learning environments requiring 45 STC minimum wall partitions. Hufcor's GA-ULTRA offers both a 45 STC and 46 STC partitions that meet these conditions.


Product Brochure

2016 Glass Wall Brochure

Glass Wall Brochure - 2016 PDF

GA-Ultra Acoustic Glass Wall

GA1-Ultra Acoustic Glass Wall, Omni (Single) Panels, 45-46 STC BIM PDF RTF
GA2-Ultra Acoustic Glass Wall, Paired Panels, 45-46 STC BIM PDF RTF
GA1-Ultra Acoustic Glass Wall, Omni (Single) Panels, 36 STC BIM PDF RTF
GA2-Ultra Acoustic Glass Wall, Paired Panels, 36 STC BIM PDF RTF
GA1 Ultra Omni Owner's Manual PDF
GA2 Ultra Pairs Owner's Manual PDF