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The drama and beauty of glass enhances any space. Hufcor’s glass panels combine the beauty of glass with the functionality of an operable partition. These panels are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual barrier is needed.

They allow the light to come in and provide the flexibility to reconfigure space.

Frameless glasswall panels are made from a sheet of glass attached to top and bottom aluminum horizontal rails. The panels are shipped fully assembled. 

Hufcor's standard factory glazing consists of 1/2" [12] tempered clear glass. An optional acid washed, satiny translucent or frosted glass is also available. However, custom laminated glass (9/16" [14]), acrylic panels, and art glass can be used when designed to fit the horizontal rail tolerances. The glass may also be etched or decals added.

What separates Hufcor movable glass wall are the mechanical fasteners that secure the glass to the rails. We simply do not rely on friction to secure the panels into the top rails. Our rail system incorporates a durable support pin that is inserted thru holes in the glass to mechanically secure the panel in place without slipping.

The term frameless is used due to the lack of a vertical frame member. The glass edges are polished for a smooth finish. There is a 1/4” - 1/2” [6-12mm] gap between panels to prevent the edges from touching. The size of the gap varies due to glass tolerances. In some instances, Hufcor can supply a vertical trim and provides an overlapped edge frame.

Frameless glass panels are suspended from an overhead track and carrier system -- no floor tracks or guides are needed; however, the panels require floor pins and receptacles in the floor to keep them secure in the opening.


Heights to 10'5" [3175mm] are standard. However, heights over 10'5" [3175mm] may be available under certain conditions. Please contact your Hufcor distributor for assistance.

Frameless glasswalls are available as paired panels (two panels hinged together) or as single panels (also known as omni-directional or individual).

Single Panels - Model GL1

Hufcor GL1 Series single panel or omni-directional panels are the most popular model for our movable frameless glass wall systems. Each GL1 panel is suspended from an overhead track that allows the panels to be setup in angles, navigate through intersections, be moved to alternate locations or be stored in a remote area. Users tend to prefer moving one panel at a time when working with glass panels making this configuration the logical choice. 

Paired Panels - Model GL2

Hufcor GL2 paired glass wall panels provide another option in wall-to-wall openings.  The panels are hinged at both the top and bottom rail with a single carrier on each panel. The panels may be stored at one or both ends of the opening, either stacked within the room or within a storage pocket.


Custom Graphics & Decals

Designers and owners have chosen to apply custom graphics and decals to the Hufcor frameless glasswall. 

Art Glass

Hufcor assists designers working with different art glass providers to fabricate gorgeous movable glass wall systems. Shown are panels designed using Meltdown Art Glass, a kiln-fired custom process used on many upscale Hufcor glasswall projects.

Inset Pass Doors

Hufcor can provide an inset pass door located within the glass wall run. This pass door system is hinged to the neighboring panel and folds back during partition travel. The "anchor" and "pass door" panel requires a minimum 4 to 3 size ratio. The inset pass door has a built-in door automatic door closure. This door system does not come with a "hold open" option.

Custom Rail Cladding

The Hufcor GL standard clear anodized aluminum rails can be cladded with many different materials. The rails can be custom anodized in a host of colors. Brushed stainless steel cladding is popular. Architectural fusions from LG provide hundreds of options for designers looking for unique rail finishes, including many different faux wood, solids and unique patterns.

Pivot Panel Doors

The standard final closure when using glass wall is a pivot panel. These swing doors are located at either side of the glass wall partition and allow for entrance and egress within the divided rooms.


Anodized Horizontal Rails (GL)

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Offered on Hufcor's GL Series frameless glass walls, anodizing is the process of electrochemically accelerating and controlling the oxidation of an aluminum substrate, creating an extremely hard, durable and asthetically pleasing coating on the aluminum. Hufcor's architectural anodized finishes provide a quality, scratch-resistant coating that far surpass that of regular paint. The standard GL Series frameless glass wall finish is clear anodized aluminum (215/204)--pricing will vary on other finishes.

Anodized Horizontal Rails
Clear 215/204
Champagne 300
Light Bronze
Light Bronze 301
Medium Bronze
Medium Bronze 302
Dark Bronze
Dark Bronze 303
Extra Dark Bronze
Extra Dark Bronze 304
Black 305

LG Architectural Fusions

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Hufcor offers a full line of LG architectural decorative laminates exclusively for operable partitions and movable glass walls throughout North America. These laminates or "architectural fusions" can be applied to operable partitions faces and accessories, Summit vertical lift panel and glass wall rails in nearly 500 different options. LG laminates offer a durable alternative to wood veneers. The complete line includes woods (including standards and exotics), leathers, solids, metals and more are available. These fusions have varying thicknesses and are textured to mimic the real thing. See below for just a few of the hundreds of finish options. Pricing may vary based on finish. Call your Hufcor representative to get your LG sample book.

Note: Several LG architectural fusion colors/patterns have been discontinued for 2015. Click here for a list of the discontinued finishes.

Sample LG Architectural Fusions
Elreina Pine Cubic (EL209)
Deluxe Wood
Deluxe Wood Teak (RW195)
Elreina Stripe Puzzle (EL092)
Elreina Speed (EV203)
Elreina Bamboo (EL194)
Abstract Marble (RM12)
Metal (MS17)
Solid Concrete
Solid Concrete Elreina (EL176)


Care & Cleaning


As with all Hufcor partition systems, Hufcor highly recommends signing a service and maintenance contract with your local distributor. Annual maintenance by a Hufcor trained installer will keep your partitions properly adjusted and prevent serious, costly damage. Contact your Hufcor Distributor for more information.

Regular maintenance includes:

  • Check the overall partition for any items not working properly
  • Check to ensure the partition's seals work properly.
  • Check the track and carrier system and any options or accessories to make certain all is in good working order.


Your partition will require routine cleaning.

Anodized Aluminum Rails

The anodized surface of your Hufcor partition may be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Sponge the surface clean and wipe dry with a soft cloth. A soft brush may be used if dirt is difficult to remove.

CAUTION: Do not use lacquer thinner or other strong chemicals. Many floor-cleaning materials contain chemicals harmful to the aluminum. Care should be taken when using such compounds near the partition.

Clear Glass Surfaces

The clear glass can be cleaned with standard glass cleaners.

CAUTION: If the glass has special etched glass or any special decorations, see specific cleaning instructions supplied with the panel shipment.


Product Brochure

  • Hufcor Glass Wall Product BrochurePDF

2016 Glass Wall Brochure

Glass Wall Brochure - 2016 PDF

Frameless Glass Wall

Frameless, Single Panels GL1 CAD BIM PDF RTF
Frameless, Paired Panels GL2 CAD BIM PDF RTF
Frameless Glasswall GL1 (Omni) Owner's Manual PDF
Frameless Glasswall GL2 (Paired) Owner's Manual PDF