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Hufcor's timber-framed glass panels combine the beauty of wood and glass to allow light into your space. The glass also allows the activities in the area to be monitored, if needed.

Timber-framed Glasswall consists of glass surrounded with a combination of solid and engineered wood. Each wood frame is composed of triple laminated solid wood top and bottom rails and stiles that are constructed from custom made veneers, solid wood edges and an engineered wood core, to ensure a sturdy, durable construction.

Glass panels are suspended from overhead tracks -- no floor tracks or guides are needed; however, the panels require floor pins to keep the panels secure in the opening.

Heights to 10’2” [3.1m] are standard. Taller heights may be ordered, however, modifications to the frame may be required. Contact your Hufcor Distributor for assistance.

Panels are most often ordered with clear or satiny translucent tempered glass. However, custom glass, etching, decals, acrylic inserts and more can also be ordered.

Designing glass panels into your facility allows natural sunlight into your space, which could qualify for LEED points for Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 8.2: Daylight and Views-1 point.

Wood Frames

Choose wood frames of Oak, Maple, Cherry or Douglas Fir. Prices vary by species selected. These species are the most requested; however, other wood species are available.

Custom Frames

The standard timber-framed panel is a frame of wood with a glass insert; however, the wood may be modified to meet a specific design. Examples of custom frames are mullions or solid wood inserts.


The wood frame is designed to accommodate a variety of inserts approximately 1/4” [6mm] thick.


  • The most popular inserts are glass and include:
  • 1/4" [6mm] tempered glass (standard)
  • Acid washed or full height satiny translucent
  • 5/16 [8] laminated glass (factory approval required)
  • Specialty glass (factory approval required)

Custom Inserts

  • Decorative acrylic
  • Metalwork
  • Solid wood

Contact our local Hufcor distributor to discuss your next project using GT Series wood glass wall partitions.


Custom Raised Panels

The real beauty of the GT series is the ability to customize the panel frames. Raised wood, mullions and unique sizing are all available. Even systems without glass are available as shown.

Custom Inserts

Timberframed glass wall offers designers and end-users to option of inserting custom glass, acrylics and other substrates into the frames to create nearly endless interior designs.

Inset Pass Door

Hufcor GT Series movable glass walls can be supplied with an inset pass door. These pass doors are hinged to the adjacent panel. Since the panel is supported by the adjacent panel, you must maintain a four to three ratio.


Timber Framed Glass Wall Hardware

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The hardware on a timber-framed panel may include hinges, throw mechanism for the floor pin, handle for the hinged closure panel, handle and strike plate for optional pass door, and in-line pass door magnetic holder. When you select your hardware color, the color of all hardware will match.

Standard Finishes
Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel US15
Polished Brass
Polished Brass US3
Antique Brass
Antique Brass US5
Polished Chrome
Polished Chrome US26
Matte Black
Matte Black US19
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze US10B

Timber Framed Glass Wall Species and Stains

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On GT Series timber framed glass walls, Hufcor offers oak, maple, cherry or douglas fir wood frames. Prices vary by species selected. Wood grains and color can vary from those shown. Timber-framed panels are finished with a matte polyurethane .

Fruitwood Stain
Oak Wood
Maple Wood
Cherry Wood
Douglas Fir Wood
Dark Oak Stain
Oak Wood
Maple Wood
Cherry Wood
Douglas Fir Wood
Wheat Stain
Oak Wood
Maple Wood
Cherry Wood
Douglas Fir Wood
Cordovan Stain
Oak Wood
Maple Wood
Douglas Fir Wood



Product Brochure

  • Hufcor Glass Wall Product BrochurePDF

2016 Glass Wall Brochure

Glass Wall Brochure - 2016 PDF

Timber Framed Glass Wall

Timberframed, single Panels GT1 CAD PDF RTF
Timberframed, Paired Panels, GT2 CAD PDF RTF
Timberframed Glass Wall GT1 (Omni) Owner's Manual PDF
Timberframed Glass Wall GT2 (Paired) Owner's Manual PDF