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Hufcor's Unispan is a support system for operable partitions or accordion doors. It is used in rooms lacking the overhead support to carry the weight required for operable partitions.

The system consists of a horizontal truss and two vertical posts that support a Hufcor partition independent of the building. The posts transfer the partition weight to the floor and the weight is dispersed with floor pads installed under the posts. The system is attached to the building with bracing which is needed for lateral stability only.

The Unispan truss includes a built-in track which assures smooth partition movement across wide span openings, unaffected by building deflection.

The truss may be manufactured and shipped in sections to make it easier to get into buildings with limited access or into an elevator for use in upper floors.

Consult your Hufcor Distributor to determine size of sections. They must be made in specific locations to maintain the support truss integrity.

The system is not permanent and can be moved to another location to accommodate future needs.

The horizontal truss typically extends below the ceiling and the truss itself is concealed with header panels finished in the same material as the partitions suspended in the system. However, the system is versatile and can be partially or totally installed above the ceiling if space permits. The same is true of the vertical posts. One or both may be imbedded in the wall(s) if you prefer. Contact your Hufcor Distributor to see if Unispan is right for your project.



Product Brochure

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Unispan® Support

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