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Glass Walls

Combining the drama and beauty of glass with the functionality of operable partitions, Hufcor’s glass wall movable partitions allow natural light to flood an interior space while providing space flexibility. Found in retail storefronts, restaurants, schools, bank lobbies, airports and office spaces worldwide, our range of movable glass walls can be engineered and designed to fulfill the specifications and requirements of any interior space.

InVista™ Low Profile Acoustical GlassWall

It's time to let the outside in with InVista™ Low Profile Acoustical GlassWall. With its sleek appearance and no floor tracks, you'll barely notice a difference when the system is open or closed. Now you'll be able to get more daylight and better visual aesthetics without compromising visual space.

Glass Wall

Meet the next generation of movable glass wall systems that combine our 600 Series welded steel frame with heavy-duty insulated glass to create light-infused environments with unparalleled acoustical performance.

Glass Wall

Ideal for spaces where a physical, but not visual barrier is needed, Hufcor Frameless Glass Walls lack a vertical frame member and are made with a single sheet of glass that is mounted to slimline top and bottom horizontal rails.

Glass Wall

Our Timber Framed Glass Walls bring added richness and beauty into a space through the beauty of wood. Constructed with a combination of solid wood, custom veneers and an engineered wood core, our panels are built to last.