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Recent Projects

  • This Hufcor GA Acoustic Glass Wall creates a bright, beautiful space in the lobby of Spodak Dental Group in Delray Beach, FL
    Spodak Dental Group

    Spodak Dental Group is all smiles with Hufcor acoustic glass wall operable partitions.

  • 600 Series panels with custom, field-installed finishes at the Phoenix Convention Center
    Phoenix Convention Center Ballroom

    Custom designed Hufcor 640 Series operable partitions with field applied custom finishes adorn the stunning main ballroom at the Phoenix Convention Center. 

  • Hufcor single panel glass wall close off the Icebox Bakery at DFW Airport.
    Icebox Bakery

    Hufcor sliding glass wall panels are installed to provide security and unobstructed views of the scrumptious baked goods in off store hours at Icebox Bakery at DFW Airport.

  • Hufcor acoustic glasswall at an insurance company in Minneapolis, MN
    Insurance Company

    A regional office for a large insurance company creatively installed Hufcor acoustic glass wall partitions supported by Unispan between a kitchen break room and a video meeting room.

  • Hufcor 600 Series with Unispan system and faux wood panel faces at Granite City Brewery in St. Cloud, MN
    Granite City Brewery

    Creating more private meeting spaces became a priority for this Midwestern restaurant chain that installed the Hufcor Unispan system and faux wood panel faces to generate more private party revenues from their patio seating area.

  • 600 Series paired folding walls with faux wood painted faces
    Metro Mold & Design

    The corporate meeting facilities within the new medical device manufacturing facility installed Hufcor 600 Series paired folding walls with field applied rotogravure faux wood painted faces from Marlite.

  • Archbishop McCarthy High School

    Hufcor's GL Series frameless glass wall takes learning to new heights at Archbishop McCarthy High School in Southwest Ranches, FL.

  • Hufcor 600 Series panels at the Intercontinental Hotel at Cleveland Clinic
    Hotel at Cleveland Clinic

    Custom designed stair-stepped Hufcor 600 Series operable partitions with field applied inlaid wood veneers create flexible spaces within this unique meeting facility.

  • Hufcor Summit 645V vertical lift partition at McLane Stadium
    Baylor Club at McLane Stadium

    Baylor uses Hufcor's Summit vertical lift partition to add flexibility to their restaurant and ballroom space at McLane Stadium.

  • The Wit Hotel

    A four-star luxury hotel in downtown Chicago installed a gorgeous Hufcor movable glass wall to create a private space within their signature bar.

  • Adventist HealthCare

    Hufcor 643E electric operable partitions provide a visually stunning space division at the corporate office of one of Florida’s biggest health care providers.

  • 600 Series partitions with custom red and white fabric at Epic in Verona, WI
    Epic Systems

    Custom designed Hufcor 640 Series operable partitions with factory applied custom finishes adorn the stunning main ballroom at this epic corporate theatre and training facility. 

  • 600 Series panels with painted steel faces at Phoenix Convention Center
    Phoenix Convention Center

    Hufcor 640 Series operable partitions divide multiple levels at the beautifully designed Phoenix Convention Center. 

  • Hufcor 600 Series panels at LA Live at the Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles, CA
    The Ritz-Carlton at LA Live

    Hufcor 600 Series operable partitions with custom fabrics divide the 25,000 sf ballrooms at this luxury hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

  • 600 Series partitions with custom fabric at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    Terranea Resort

    Hufcor 600 Series operable partitions help Terranea Resort “take care of business” providing flexibility to LA’s ocean front resort.

  • FlexTact panels allows the IRSC to reconfigure the room to create scenario-based training.
    Indian River State College

    Hufcor’s FlexTact system helps law enforcement trainees learn active shooter and force-on-force techniques in a reconfigurable environment in Florida.

  • Full-height, trimless dry erase marker boards at McKinney High School in McKinney, TX
    McKinney High School

    Hufcor’s full height dry erase marker boards are featured on this project. This is the first installation of Hufcor's new “trimless” dry erase boards in the US.

  • GA Acoustical glass wall at McKinney High School in McKinney, TX
    McKinney High School (Glass Wall)

    The new McKinney High School expansion included a renovation of their LMC and rerouting of traffic flow using Hufcor’s acoustic movable glass walls. It combined acoustical separation with the benefits of day lighting.

  • 600 Series partitions with inset markerboards at Wake Tech Community College
    Wake Tech Community College

    Wake Tech Community College installed Hufcor 630 Series operable partitions with inset marker boards. The manual operable partitions divide the large training center into four, equal quadrants. The insert porcelain enamel steel marker boards allow instructors to have dry erase surfaces within all of the rooms. 

  • Custom Hufcor timberframed folding wood doors with raised panel faces at Divine Savior Hospital.
    Divine Savior

    The Divine Savior assisted living facility adds an elegance and richness to multiple spaces using Hufcor custom sliding and folding door systems.

  • Union South at UW Madison

    University of Wisconsin’s Union South installed Hufcor 600 Series operable partitions for optimal flexibility in the Varsity Hall ballroom.

  • Summit vertical lift partition installed at interactive offices in San Francisco, CA.
    Banking Headquarters

    Summit by Hufcor divides an interactive flexible conference room at this commercial banking headquarters in San Francisco.

  • Hufcor movable glass walls divide large open spaces yet continue to access natural light.
    Wisconsin Institute of Discovery

    University of Wisconsin’s unique think tank facility incorporates flexible room configurations to serve the campus’ thought-leaders space needs.

  • Hufcor sliding wood glass walls at Ditka's Restaurant in Chicago.
    Ditka’s Restaurant

    “Da Coach” designed four private party rooms at his signature restaurant using Hufcor’s wood framed glass movable walls.

  • Custom Hufcor display panels used at Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.
    Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

    The use of Hufcor individual movable wall panels on an overhead tracking grid allows the museum to effectively create flexible exhibits and control traffic flow.

  • The FlexTact system at Wake Tech. College used marbled HPL faces to break up site lines.
    Wake Tech - Public Safety

    Hufcor FlexTact reconfigurable wall system enhance the LE curriculum at this top notch academy in Raleigh.

  • Accordion doors at Brunswick Zone dividing the party rooms.
    Brunswick Bowling Center

    Hufcor accordion doors help this vibrant bowling center create flexible party and meeting rooms using 12’ [3658] tall easy to move systems.

  • Hufcor FlexTact™ system supported by patented Unipsan system installed at Schoolcraft College.
    Schoolcraft College

    Law enforcement training is enhanced at the Schoolcraft College training facility in Livonia, MI using Hufcor’s FlexTact reconfigurable wall system.

  • Hufcor GL Frameless Glass Wall at the Miele Expo Center in Vienna
    Miele Galerie

    ​The Miele brand of cooking, baking and other home appliances exudes quality. Following the Miele motto of “Feel, Smell & Touch”, Miele has opened a sleek showroom in Vienna, Austria to exhibit their multiple themed product innovations.