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Project Details

Banking Headquarters
San Francisco, CA


Brereton Architects

Hathaway Dinwiddie

Summit Vertical Lift

The Summit® vertical stacking partition is now installed at a prestigous USA banking headquarters in San Francisco, California. The global bank chose to install the new Summit vertical stacking partition system to divide their "smart meeting rooms." The bank's meeting rooms are designed to provide the optimal daylighting, acoustic and HVAC requirements that are pre-programmed to automatically adjust during each day.

Hathaway Dinwiddie's project team selected the Summit system based on project complexity, integration with the pre-programmed systems, ease of installation, overall costs, lead time delivery and the auto-reverse lead edge system. From order to installation, Hufcor's northern California distributor, BT Mancini, was able to finish the project in less than 8 weeks for this tenant fitout project located on the 22nd floor. Furthermore, the system integrated well with the LED ligting system installed directly under the stacking area.

The Summit's auto-reverse feature was critical to this project. The owner required that when the partition was stacked, a full-length table could be extended within the meeting room. As such, if someone had forgotten to remove the table portion underneath the Summit system, they wanted the assurance that the automated partition would automatically reverse and not harm the table.

The new Summit vertical stacking partitions stack above the ceiling through a narrow slot. Summit eliminates the need for a large ceiling stack bay required for the traditional vertical accordion folding style of lift systems that expose the partition within the ceiling when stacked. In this case, a traditional vertically folding system would have had an approximate 54" wide stacking trench in the ceiling instead of the less than 9" ceiling slot and trim channel that is an aesthetic improvement. The vertically stacked individual panels travel down guides rails. In this case, Brereton Architects and Hathaway Dinwiddie designed a simple buildout that allows the guides to be recessed and integrated into the complete overall room design. The Summit guide posts create the acoustical barriers and provide for the patented lifting and safety systems, including a load arrestor system. In addition, Summit by Hufcor meets the stringent seismic requirements of the project in San Francisco without any special bracing.