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Project Details
Summit Vertical Lift

Hufcor's 645V Summit vertical lift partition was recently installed by Hufcor Texas Group at McLane Stadium in Waco, TX. Completed in August of 2014, the stadium serves as the new home for Baylor's prestigious football program. Located on the east bank of the Brazos River, McLane Stadium is one of the few stadiums that allows fans to arrive by boat. Other unique features include 39 suite boxes and an enormous video board that covers over 5,000 square feet.

The Baylor Club, located within the stadium, provides a venue for present and emerging Baylor leaders to build camaraderie and strengthen the Waco community in the great tradition of Baylor University. The Club offers a grand ballroom, separate dining and bar areas, and a walk-out mezzanine overlooking the stadium. The walk out area offers a great opportunity for members to experience the Baylor Club and enjoy game day during football season.

The Baylor Club uses three Hufcor Summit vertical lift partitions to separate their dining area from the ballroom. When large corporate meetings, receptions and other events are taking place in the ballroom, the dining area can remain open to club members. When additional space is needed, the three Summit partitions stack neatly in the ceiling, allowing the ballroom to open up into the bar/dining area. This not only provides additional space, but also provides a great view of the football field on one side and the Waco skyline on the other. The partitions also feature an LG architectural fusion finish. This creates the look and even the texture of real wood, while offering the durability of a laminate.