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Project Details

Brunswick Bowling Center

Glendale, AZ  USA

Accordion Doors

The Brunswick Bowling Center installed a couple of Hufcor 4100 Series accordion doors into their active party rooms. The accordion doors provide quick and easy separation of their large meeting room to create private party areas for bowling team functions and the birthday parties.

The designers incorporated a stacking closet for the doors that run perpendicular to the space to they stack out-of-sight when not extended across the room. The use of both curved tracks and overhead switches in the track allow the facility to easily make wall-to-wall separations that help create the solid acoustical separation and privacy needed between group function areas.

Since the accordion partitions are approximately 12’ [3658] tall, Hufcor Southwest representatives advised Brunswick to install pendant pulls on the lead edge of the door. These convenient handles help to pull the accordian door across the opening by applying force higher up onto the leading edge. The doors are finished with standard Hufcor vinyl that allow the staff to easily clean the surfaces – especially after birthday cake “incidents”.