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Project Details

Colorado Sports Hall of Fame
Denver, CO


University of Colorado at Denver
Graduate School of Architecture

Operable Partitions

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame located the Sport Authority Field at Mile High is a wonderful example of ingenious collaborative design and community involvement. Designed by graduate students at the University of Colorado-Denver School of Architecture, the museum incorporated a customized Hufcor operable partitioning system that is used for exhibit displays. The overhead tracking system has a grid design, so individual Hufcor operable partitions can be rearranged to create new exhibits.

The museum can both set up different configurations of the same material and apply new materials onto the panels to create every changing, fresh content for visitors of the facility. The Hufcor operable partitions have medium density fiberboard faces that museum staff can simply direct attach exhibits. The bottom of each partition panel has a retractable seal that helps to stabilize the panels once in place without the need for floor bolts and the tripping hazards associated with floor tracks and floor pin receptors. The overhead tracking design allows new panels and exhibits to be moved into place without distrurbing other set ups with a long transfer track that ran parallel to the the permanent wall.

In addition to the moveable partitions, the design team installed two movable glass walls to enclose a sports court display area. The folding glass doors stacked easily and neatly away into a stacking area.

Each year, Colorado’s finest athletes, coaches and sports industry leaders are inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. From world-famous to little-known athletes in sports ranging from football to track and field to fencing, these individuals have demonstrated those characteristics that are the true glory of athletic competition. The movable panel system provides the museum with the utmost flexibility in honoring these great athletes. And the overhead aluminum omni-directional track systems allow any staffer to easily operate each panel and move them into place.

If you’re looking for a way to create a flexible display or exhibition space, contact your Hufcor authorized distributor for assistance.