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Project Details

Mike Ditka’s Restaurant
Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA

Operable Partitions

Ditka’s motto states it best, “The Solution is Simple. Get together at my place…Da Coach.” And can you get together indeed. The designers of Mike Ditka’s Restaurant designed extremely unique private dining areas all divided by either Hufcor operable partitions with custom printed vinyl or using the GT1 series timber framed movable glass walls. The end result is a floor plan and interior design unlike any restaurant you’ve ever seen. (A lot like Da Coach himself!)

The Hufcor timber framed folding glass walls contained specially frosted glass with the Ditka signature caricature etching. The wood framed panel separate the main restaurant from the main seating areas. The wood panels coordinate with the surrounding millwork. The inset pass doors allow patrons and servers to easily access the rooms. When not used for a private event the doors are simply stacked into a storage closet and the room is used as standard seating.

The timber-framed panels are supported and operate on Hufcor’s time-tested aluminum tracking systems and are secured in the opening with side mounted floor pins without the need for any floor tracks. This helps to reduce tripping hazards and lower ongoing maintenance issues associated with floor tracks.