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Project Details

Divine Savior
Portage, WI, USA

The Hufcor timber framed glass wall systems can be customized with full height raised panels and a multitude of folding and tracking systems. Nowhere are the options more displayed than at the Divine Savior hospital and adjacent long-term care facility in Baraboo, WI. Hufcor’s local distributor, JWC Building Specialties, worked with the architect to design these unique custom doors systems.

The first system is a multiple folding door, approximately 12’ [3658mm] designed using Hufcor’s timber framed folding glass wall doors without glass and solid raised panel inserts. Secured by throw-bolts when extended, these doors simply fold back to open into the facilities large chapel when needed. The two middle door leaf panels could then be used as egress doors when the system was extended to give easy access to the facility in off hours. The large bi-parting panels are supported by an individual durable Delron four-wheeled carrier on each panel running on Hufcor’s time-tested aluminum tracks for smooth, quiet movement.

The second door used a custom side-by-side tracking system. The individual wood panels were each supported by two carriers and ran along an independent track. The panels bi-parted and stacked neatly away within two storage pockets. As shown, the Hufcor GT glasswall systems can be customized to meet your requirements.