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Project Details

Granite City Brewery
St. Coud, MN, USA

Design/Build Contractor
Boser Construction

Unispan® Support

Hufcor MN and the design/build contractor, Boser Construction, creatively designed an operable partition that could divide the patio seating area for Granite City Brewery in Minnesota. The challenge was to install top supported movable walls into a glass atrium area not designed to support the op walls. Furthermore, once installed, Granite City required the construction team to maintain the sun washed and wood decor of the atrium area once divided by the operable partitions. The solution was the installation of the patented Hufcor Unipsan overhead support and custom window inserts trimmed with Marlite rotogravure designer series faces.

The Unispan system provides the overhead support and transfers the weight of the system to the floor at the end posts. Hufcor MN installed header side panels to enclose the steel and aluminum truss design that matched the operable wall faces. After the folding door system was installed, Boser installed a glass storefront plenum to allow the light from above the partition to still flow into the atrium. The Unispan support was design to hold the weight of this windowing system as well.

Hufcor manufactured specially designed window inserts to accept the same glass used throughout the facility. This creative solution helped the restaurant attract more small gatherings to the restaurant. The RG Designer series face materials from Marlite are installed in many major restaurant chains to provide durable, washable wall finishes. Coupled with movable walls from Hufcor, designers can create decors with the richness of wood grains at an affordable price.