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Project Details

Icebox Bakery
Dallas, TX USA


Regency Construction


Gerdes, Henrichson & Associates

Retailers and concessionaires find the use of Hufcor sliding glass doors the perfect closure for their storefronts. Hufcor Texas Group serves the needs of many retailers at the DFW Airport with movable glass wall systems, including Icebox Bakery. These systems provide security in off-hours and allow travelers within the airport to view merchandise and concessions while busily walking through the airport terminal.

The Hufcor movable glass wall system for Icebox has a unique stacking configuration. The designer created a small pocket door that is incorporated into the countertop wall. This full ceiling height slot allows the panels to pass through into the curve & divert stack area. Icebox staff and bakers can access the stack area within the store bakery and simply push and pull the panels into and out of the stack area as needed. When stacked, the custom pocket door can be closed to secure the panels within the pocket.

Since the panels are supported overhead, Hufcor glass wall does not require floor tracks. Each panel is secured with a shoot bolt into a floor receptor. Panels are secured to each other using a number of optional locking mechanisms.