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Project Details

Indian River State College
Treasure Coast Public Training Complex
Fort Pierce, FL, USA

Florida Architects, Inc.

HJ High Construction


One of the premier law enforcement training facilities in the country, the Treasure Coast Public Training Complex at Indian River State College installed on of the first FlexTact systems within the US. The system at IRSC uses Hufcor’s FlexTact in a designated two story reconfigurable building where force-on-force and active shooter trainings are conducted.

The facility can reconfigure the entire room floor plans within 20 – 30 minutes. Instructors at IRSC can set up simulated room floor plan (hotels, residential, school classrooms, etc.). A group of trainees can work with instructors within one layout then reset the building to reflect a different configuration while instructors review an exercise. This flexibility enhances the training experience.

The IRSC system has more than 100 panels and a dozen pass doors. Pass doors are critical in teaching room clearing and search & rescue techniques. All of the panels are set in place using bottom gas compression seals that secure the panels in place without the need for floor tracks or foot bolts. This feature eliminates tripping hazards and increases the safety.