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Project Details

Intercontinental Hotel
Cleveland, OH, USA

Operable Partitions

The tiered floors at the Intercontinental Hotel at the Cleveland Clinic provided Hufcor with a challenge to divide the spaces using manual operable partitions. The stair stepped floors were spaced in uneven widths, all wider that standard partition widths. As such, the project had to be custom-designed using both custom sized panels and bottom seals and removable custom design stair inserts. Working closely with the design and constructions teams, the project coordination led to a fully functional, acoustically sound and aesthetically dramatic operable wall system that divided this theatre into three separate training spaces.

Creating the customized stair stepped panels combined creativity and engineering expertise. Creating tight acoustical seals at the panel joints and at the tiered steps proved challenging, but Hufcor’s engineering team created customized seal systems that created downward and vertical pressure to seal each panel snuggly to reduce any sound flanking.

The Hufcor operable partitions have custom inlaid, field applied wood veneers applied to match the surrounding wall conditions. Designers around the world apply wood veneers to the Hufcor 600 Series panels. Some Hufcor projects requiring wood veneers can be factory applied. Additionally, alternatives to actual wood veneers are available through a selection of factory applied architectural fusions, rotogravure painted finishes and new painted baked polyester steel sheeting. All provide wonderful durability, repairability, as well as the full look and feel of wood.