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Project Details

Metro Mold & Design
Rogers, MN, USA


Terra Construction

The challenge for the design team for the tenant fit out for the new Metro Mold & Design offices was adding operable partitions where overhead support was not originally designed into the building. Working with the WCL architectural team, Hufcor Minnesota recommended the use of Unispan, Hufcor’s patented self-support system. The Unispan overhead supports replace traditional “C” channel or I-beam supports and, in this case, were installed above the drop acoustical ceiling. When installed, all of the weight is distributed to the floor. The Unispan system helped Terra Construction reduce the hassles of installing the traditional supports and then worked directly with Hufcor MN as a turnkey sub-contractor.

Aesthetically, the paired panels were field applied with a custom rotogravure, painted faux wood system fabricated by Marlite. The faux wood 5-coat paint process creates the richness of wood veneers without the cost. The Hufcor 630 panels matched the design of surrounding permanent walls finished with the same Marlite system. In addition to the folding doors, Hufcor MN applied the coordinating materials on the Hufcor pocket doors blending these doors into the room décor.

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