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Project Details

Miele Expo Center & Showroom
Vienna, Austria

Raymond Heitmann

Project Management
SET Bauprojektierung GmbH

January 2012

​The Miele brand of cooking, baking and other home appliances exudes quality. Following the Miele motto of “Feel, Smell & Touch”, Miele has opened a sleek showroom in Vienna, Austria to exhibit their multiple themed product innovations.

​The product gallery is not simply used for exhbiting Miele products, but allows customers and chefs to interact with the appliances.

Cooking demonstrations and courses are scheduled for customers to experience the Miele product advantages. Each gallery can be divided using Hufcor movable glass walls to provide more intimate spaces, but maintain the open floor design.

The custom-designed inset pass doors within the Hufcor glass wall system provide convenient access to each space, offering an exclusive venue for the stylish enjoyment and experience of the Miele products.