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Project Details

Phoenix Convention Center - Ballroom
Phoenix, AZ, USA


Hunt Construction Group

Operable Partitions

Designed by Populous architects and built by Hunt Construction Group, the Phoenix Convention Center is one of the finest large meeting facilities in the US. The convention center includes multiple buildings and multiple levels of meeting spaces within each building. Within these meeting rooms, Hunt selected Hufcor Series 600 operable walls to provide the space flexibility.

Supplied locally by Hufcor Desert West, the 600 Series movable walls were designed to blend into the interior design of the permanent walls. Custom DesignTex fabrics were applied in the similar patterns of the steel faces of the operable partitions. Using this method, the interior designer was able to disguise operable partitions more effectively. Normally, the finishes on operable partitions run full height and simply the panel width. However, in this case, the designer created vertical segments and used multiple widths of panels to create a stunning wall that blends with the rest of the room.

The Hufcor 640 Series panels were acoustically rated at 54 STC  to provide a fantastic acoustical barrier between the segmented ballrooms. Since these rooms typically have sound amplification (weddings, corporate meeting presentations), the operable partitions required top-end acoustical performance. The panels included quick-set, one operation, top and bottom mechanical seals and dual expandable closure panels that provided ample pressure to seals the system in place for optimal acoustical separation.

Acoustical performance, functionality and aesthetic flexibility all demonstrated here at the Pheonix Convention Center.

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