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Project Details

Public Safety Training Complex
Livonia, MI, USA


Schoolcraft College facilities team

Unispan® Support

First responders and law enforcement personnel from all over Wayne County now have a flexible space simunitions training facility installed with Hufcor’s versatile FlexTact reconfigurable wall system. The FlexTact system is used in scenario-based, force-on-force training exercises. The panels are rated to withstand non-lethal marker rounds to allow for “reality based”, 3D training for law enforcement.

Schoolcraft College’s Public Safety Training Complex is designed using Hufcor’s patented Unispan overhead support. By installing Unispan, the college was able to install FlexTact without any enhancements to the existing warehouse building. Based on this, the college was able to become one of a handful of law enforcement programs throughout the US to install the robust FlexTact system. The overhead tracks allow trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and switch up the training scenarios. By having this flexibility, exercises remain fresh and trainees cannot memorize the layouts. Unlike video screen training where the threat to the trainee is always on the screen, the FlexTact system allows for actual embedded threats – a true 360-degree experience.

The FlexTact system can be installed with breach pass doors, window inserts and other training devices to help customize the training. Each wall panel has a specially design vertical seal that stops simunitions markers, yet allows panels to be moved without having to reset an entire wall.