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Project Details

WI Institute for Discovery
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI, USA


Ballinger (Philidelphia)
Uihlein Wilson Architects (Milwaukee)


Mortenson Construction

Operable Partitions

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) is a public transdisciplinary research institute and “skunkworks” at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, focusing on the interfaces of computation, laboratory science, the humanities and entrepreneurship. A place where thought-leaders collide and search for solutions where others are unlikely to look. A facility with a sole purpose to inspire the mind.

Hufcor’s challenge was to provide a solution to provide flexible meeting spaces that could afford privacy, but also allow natural light to continue to flow into the rooms. Our solution was to install traditional Hufcor 600 Series panels with a twist – inserting a high acoustic window into the lead and trail panels that seal against the exterior glass curtainwall. The single lead window panel maintains the open access to the direct natural lighting. However, room-to-room privacy remains from nearly all angles within the room.

In addition, Hufcor movable glass wall panels were installed to provide flexibility to collaborative meeting spaces without blocking the natural light. The folding glass door systems offered privacy and daylighting in this LEED Silver project.

Hufcor’s 600 Series panel design supports a WID’s core value:

“We are a place where innovative minds come to explore and where innovative companies come to collaborate.”

On Wisconsin!