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The Science of Sound Part IV: How Good is an STC Rating?

Today we take a closer look at the effectiveness of STC and what the different STC levels mean.

Hufcor, Inc. Acquired by OpenGate Capital

The acquisition of Hufcor by OpenGate Capital is exciting news for Hufcor’s employees, numerous global partners and customers. Management is excited to be partnering with OpenGate to accelerate its growth plan.

Help Houston

Hufcor is teaming up with the JJ Watt Foundation to help all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. We're loading up as much water, blankets, and non-perishable items as we possibly can into one of our semi trailers and driving down to Houston where care packages will be distributed to hel...

The Science of Sound PART III: Let’s Talk About STC

Currently, the most widely accepted standard for ranking the acoustical performance of accordion and operable partitions is STC or Sound Transmission Class. Virtually every manufacturer conducts laboratory tests for STC.

The Science of Sound PART II: Sound Control

When sound waves strike a partition, some are reflected from the surface, staying on the same room as the source of the sound. Some are absorbed by the material covering the partition and some are transmitted through to the other side.

The Science of Sound PART I: What is Sound?

Sound is energy which is generated by a source, transmitted through a medium, and received by a receiver.

Curve & Divert System Allows For Flexibility

Ideal for ballrooms, convention halls, and hotels, the 11L track system provides more diverting options and stacking configurations than ever before.

Truth in Numbers

The 640 Series panel construction provides architects and building owners with industry-leading acoustics. How do we know? We tested it and here's what we found.

A Focus on the Future

“When you have a company that is as old as Hufcor, you want customers to acknowledge your past, but to also focus on the next hundred years,” said Kontranowski. “Timing is critical: this new strategy by our new management team can help answer the question of what Hufcor can do to have more impact. ...