Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College, located in Livonia, Michigan, has reshaped the way they train and prepare law enforcement students at their public safety facility through the installation of Hufcor’s FlexTact system. Movable wall panels hung from an overhead track system allow the school to reconfigure the space into multiple different training scenarios.

Case Study Details

Case Study Name

Schoolcraft College—Public Safety Training Complex


Livonia, Michigan, USA

Design/Build Partner

Schoolcraft College Facilities Team

Products Used

Unispan® Support


Creating effective, unique training environments for law enforcement trainees is a consistent challenge at public safety schools around the country. Having the proper training environment is critical to preparing law enforcement trainees for their careers in the field. Schoolcraft College, located in Livonia, Michigan sought a solution that would allow for them to create multiple training scenarios within their public safety facility to offer their students a more diverse and realistic learning environment.


Schoolcraft College’s public safety training complex was able to achieve these goals through the installation of Hufcor’s FlexTact® system. In considering FlexTact® as a training solution, one concern for Schoolcraft was whether or not their existing structure could support the weight of FlexTact’s hanging panels. Through the integration of Hufcor’s Unispan support product with the FlexTact® system, Hufcor was able to reinforce the facility’s structural integrity without any major renovations or reconstruction to the existing warehouse building.

The successful installation of the FlexTact® system made the college one of only a handful of law enforcement programs throughout the US with a system of this design. The overhead tracks allow trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and switch up the training scenarios. By having this flexibility, exercises remain fresh and trainees cannot memorize the layouts. Unlike video screen training, where the threat to the trainee is always on the screen, the FlexTact® system allows for threats to be embedded within the training simulation—a true 360-degree experience. The panels are rated to withstand non-lethal marker rounds to allow for ultra-realistic, 3D training.

Schoolcraft’s installation also included breach pass doors, window inserts, and other training devices to help customize the training, as well as custom designed vertical seals that stabilize each panel, yet allow them to be moved independently without having to reset an entire wall.


Today, law enforcement training is greatly enhanced at Schoolcraft College using Hufcor’s FlexTact® reconfigurable wall system. First responders and law enforcement personnel from all over Wayne County now have a flexible simulations training facility that helps to better prepare them for real-life situations in the field upon graduation.

Hufcor FlexTact™ system supported by patented Unipsan system installed at Schoolcraft College Pass doors and window panels create realistic training scenarios at Schoolcraft College's simunitions training facility in Livonia, MI Photo of multiple FlexTact training panels in varying configurations Training in the company of heros - law enforcement memorial wall at Schoolcraft College Wider view of FlexTact with Unispan overhead sliding panel system FlexTact supported by Hufcor Unipsan allows scenario-based training panels to be installed in existing buildings

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