Hufcor is Not Your Typical Manufacturer

Hufcor and its goal to unite its message under its brand has led to a strong rebranding strategy in 2017. The new look and image has already sparked new interest for Hufcor in the industry by freshening up the brand and customer’s knowledge of the brand in the marketplace.

Hufcor is not your typical manufacturer.

Instead of a few manufacturing facilities producing and then shipping standard products, Hufcor has an extensive and diverse footprint in its industry.  And it has the proven experience to create customized space management solutions for customers anywhere in the world.

The complex global company has a direct sales force in many locations, including the United States. It also has a 3PL level of distribution, and several licensees using its technology in various international markets.

Hufcor manufactures the world’s most installed brand of moveable walls. From conference rooms and hotel ballrooms to office dividers and concert halls, the company has helped resorts, restaurants, schools, hospital, stadiums, financial institutions, religious facilities, and even bowling alleys optimize their space.

The brand has had a successful 116-year history but realized changes were necessary to continue being the leader in the marketplace. Kevin Flanagan was brought in nearly three years ago to oversee the company’s required evolution to remain the top player in the industry for the next 100 years of operation.


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